Expert committee


Michaël Gaudreault, B. Sc. (mathématiques-informatique)

Statistics teacher and researcher
ÉCOBES – Recherche et Transfert

Over the last twelve years, Michaël has worked on various subjects related to education: school/work balance, integration and school engagement of Cégep students, school paths of students, and the needs of various vulnerable groups of students. He is also involved in surveying the school perseverance and academic success situations in different territories. His work is a clear contribution to mobilizing people who are preoccupied with young people’s success.



Luc Laberge, Ph. D. (psychologie)

ÉCOBES – Recherche et Transfert

The main goal of Luc’s research is to prevent sleep deprivation and exhaustion, as well as their consequences on vigilance, workplace health and safety, and the quality of life of the individuals. His research is interested in students, workers and people who suffer from chronic illnesses. He has also been a lecturer and associated professor of the Department of Health Sciences of Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, for over ten years.

Shanoussa Aubin-Horth

Educational success project manager
Démarche COSMOSS Bas-Saint-Laurent


Lisa Champeau

Development and liaison officer
Project manager for the mobilization of business people and for the training-job adequacy project
R 3 U S S I R


Shirley Claveau

Knowledge development professional
CRÉPAS (Conseil régional de prévention de l’abandon scolaire du Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean)


Jérémie Cloutier

Intervention professional – School/work balance chapter
CRÉPAS (Conseil régional de prévention de l’abandon scolaire du Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean)


Amélie Longpré-Boisvert

Project manager
TRECQ (Table régionale de l’éducation Centre-du-Québec)


Maxime Pineault

Development officer
RAP Côte-Nord


Éliane Thouin

Development and liaison officer
Réseau réussite Montréal